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Drilling machine – a functional and an indispensable thing in life, and in the workplace. The range of its applications include drilling of blind or through-holes of different diameters, boring and chamfering existing holes. Without it, too, can not do, if you need to cut an internal thread, or to quickly and accurately drill a few holes in the sheet material. He can work with wood, plastic, metal and other materials, ensuring high accuracy and desired quality.
The market offers a huge number of different options of this unit and a wide range of prices. The main parameters that determine the quality of a machine -. Is the maximum diameter of the hole (in metal), the speed of the greatest movement of the spindle, etc. You can buy tools in Novosibirsk at an affordable price.
Traditionally, there are three types of drilling machines. The first – a horizontal drilling machines. It is commonly used for drilling deep holes. It is an industrial machine has a fairly powerful engine and high rigidity.

best bench drill press
Another type – a radial drilling machine. Such machines are used in single or in large-scale production. Here, the workpiece spindle axis and aligned holes through the spindle to the fixed workpiece.
The principle of operation of the third kind of machines – drilling vertically – in that the workpiece is fixed on the machine table vise and alignment of the spindle hole and fall occurs due to movement of the preform itself already.
When you select a Drill decide which materials you want to work. There are universal machines that work with any material, and special designed for some specific material. Another important characteristic – it is the power and energy consumption. Small tabletop machine will consume 150 watts of energy consumption is heavy stationary equipment can be up to 3 kW. It is also necessary to know the diameter of the holes should be drilled it as their differentiation primarily occurs along this dimension. You should also pay attention to the frequency of rotation of the operating element. While in many installations it is adjustable.
When you select a Drill necessarily pay attention to the machines with magnetic soles. Typically, they are used where it is very difficult or impossible to operate a conventional stationary machine. The weight of their very small, they are comfortable and functional, they can be used in the field, on vertical or inclined surfaces, the repair of large equipment, machinery, etc.

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